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Countour GT-X

Automated, Gage-Capable Metrology for R&D and Production

Providing world's only self-calibrating, fully automated solution for production line metrolgy.

The fully automated, large-sample ContourGT-X 3D Optical Microscope combines unmatched measurement capabilities with highest vertical resolution over the industry’s largest field of view. Designed from the ground up for the most demanding R&D, quality assurance, and process quality control needs, this flagship of the ContourGT® product line offers the ultimate  gage-capable 3D optical   microscopy solution.

Only the ContourGT-X incorporates Bruker’s patented tip/tilt head a patented self-calibrating laser reference, integrated pattern recognition, and a host of other proprietary interferometry innovations. No other metrology system provides the non-contact accuracy, throughput, and operator convenience for such a vast range of production metrology and imaging applications.