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The new PHI TRIFT V nanoTOF surface analysis instrument is the next generation of PHI’s highly successful line of TOF-SIMS instruments which utilize the patented TRIFT analyzer. Several significant improvements have been introduced with the nanoTOF. The superior performance TRIFT analyzer has been combined with a revolutionary new sample handling platform. This innovative new sample handling platform was designed from the ground up specifically for TOF-SIMS, adding the flexibility needed to accommodate samples with complex geometries. In addition, improvements have been made in charge compensation and ion gun performance.

Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) provides sub-micron elemental, chemical, and molecular characterization and imaging of solid surfaces and thin films for products such as semiconductors, hard disk drives, polymers, paint and other surface coatings.   Manufacturing companies in the chemical, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries can use the nanoTOF to improve product performance, conduct failure analysis and manage process control. Time-of-Flight SIMS surface analysis instruments differ from Dynamic SIMS instruments in that they can analyze the outermost one or two mono-layers of a sample while preserving molecular information. While D-SIMS provides primarily elemental information, TOF-SIMS surface analysis yields chemical and molecular information.  TOF-SIMS is ideal for organic or inorganic materials, and can be used to characterize both insulating and conductive samples. With detection limits in the ppm to ppb range, shallow depth profiling capabilities and automated analysis, the nanoTOF can be used to analyze surface contamination, trace impurities, thin films, and delamination failures.  It is also a valuable tool to investigate surface modification chemistry and catalyst surface composition.