Workshop topics will include talks on sample preparation, application of XPS, AES and TOF-SIMS for fundamental and applied research, use of correlative surface analysis utilizing PHI USA instruments and advances in data collection and processing.

PHI's Virtual Fall Workshop Announcement

Join us to learn recent developments and explore applications in applied surface analysis. The three days will be filled with invited speakers, live Q&A, and other highlights from our customers and PHI lab scientists. The workshop is free to attend. Please find the registration link below and join us each day.

November 17, 18, 19

10 a.m. - Noon (CST) each day

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Workshop topics will include talks on sample preparation, application of XPS, AES and TOF-SIMS for fundamental and applied research, use of correlative surface analysis utilizing PHI USA instruments and advances in data collection and processing.  

Invited speakers – our users from both academia and industry - include: 

Fred Stevie, North Carolina State University, USA 

Alberto Gomez, CINVESTAV-Queretaro, Mexico  

Bill Stickle, HP, USA 

Anass Benayard, CEA, Liten, France   

Peng Li, University of Alberta, Canada 

Nathaniel Rieders, Montana State University, USA 

Zhongrui Li, University of Michigan, USA 

Robert Hamers, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 

Cecile Courreges, University of Pau, France 

Sebastiaan Van Nuffel, Penn State University, USA 

Anja Vanleenhove, IMEC, Belgium 

Derrick M. Poirier, 3M, USA

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