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Quentera II

PHI Quantera II XPS Scanning Microprobe


The Quantera II is the next generation of PHI’s highly successful scanning XPS microprobe product line. The Quantera II provides high sensitivity large and micro-area spectroscopy, superior inorganic and organic depth profiling, and the fully automated analysis of insulating or conductive samples.

Important features of the Quantera II include:

  • High sensitivity large area spectroscopy
  • High performance micro-area spectroscoy
  • Patented scanning x-ray source with a < 7.5 µm minimum beam size
  • Secondary electron and XPS imaging
  • Highest performance inorganic and organic sputter depth profiling
  • Optional C 60 sputter ion gun
  • Hands-off dual beam charge neutralization
  • Robust "Auto-Z" sample alignment
  • Robotic sample handling
  • Fully automated and internet ready for remote operation

Micro area spectroscopy and high performance thin film analysis capabilities open new areas of application for XPS surface analysis in all environments. The complete automation of the system makes it easy to use and increases the reproducibility of routine measurements. Large sample platens make it possible to analyze “real world” large samples or multiple small samples automatically. A new generation of XPS surface analysis instruments are available today from PHI